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(I)Recruit staff for atomic resolution electron microscopy imaging
Intending to engage in:
1.  Analysis and image formation on 2D atomic structure of semiconductors; 
2.  Providing public services with a part-time.
Working conditions:
1.  A conventional HRTEM;
2.  A spherical aberration-corrected HRTEM;
3.  A three-dimensional atom probe imaging apparatus;
4.  Providing adequate and novel 2D semiconductor materials within our group;
5.  Providing research support for the relationship between structure and optical properties within our group.
1.  A lecturer’s salary about 150,000 RMB per year;
2.  An associate Professor’s salary about 180,000 RMB per year;
3.  Providing housing subsidies, reintegration assistance, and five-year transitional housing on campus in accordance with school regulations;
4.  Other positions' treatment, like professors and engineers need further talk.
(II)Recruit post-doctor for nanocrystalline photovoltaic devices (Long-term effective)
Intending to engage in:
1.  Nanocrystal photodetectors;
2.  Two-dimensional semiconductor photodetector;
3.  Synthesis and optoelectronic applications on unique nanocrystalline phase laser ablation (LAL);
4.  Photoconductive, photovoltaic, diode, and transistor detectors are all available.
Working conditions:
1.  The synthesis of colloidal nanocrystals have been very mature within our group;
2. Top class technology within our group on mechanical and exfoliated lithium intercalation of 2D semiconductor;
3.  LAL system is available (high reputation in this field);
4.  Owning devices to make 1000 class ultra-clean workshop and electrode evaporation apparatus within our group;
5.  Owning optoelectronic devices test system within our group (UV source Enhanced);
6.  Owning a high quality of transistor and LED test system within our group.
Reference on associate professor treatment.
(III)Postgraduate Admission
         Welcome students whose major in physics, material-science, chemistry, electronics and other fields. Simultaneously, you should own the following characteristics:
1.  Tend to be interested in and independent on research and willing to be a PhD;
2.  All students are taking the guidance of tutor group, while outstanding members (teachers or students) can be responsible for the group;
3.  The various research awards obtained will be all used for students. In principle, mentor will not take them as his or her own.
If you are willing, please contact Shengli Zhang, Haibo Zeng (Head of the institute).