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[Seminar]-Prof. Liyuan Han-National Institute for Materials
Time:2014-12-24 16:52Source:未知 Author :Zhang shengli Click:
Time:        12/25/2014  3:00 PM           
Location:  building 340 room 201
Speaker:  Liyuan Han   National Institute for Materials Science Photovoltaic Materials Unit
Title:          Film morphology control for high efficiency perovskite solar cells
Inviter:       Haibo Zeng
Sponsor:   Institute of Optoelectronics and Nanomaterials 

Bio:韩礼元教授,男,1956年5月生,日本国立物质材料研究所(NIMS) 先进光伏材料中心主任;同时,作为“千人计划”特聘专家,在上海交通大学担任教授。
韩礼元教授在太阳能电池领域,有着20余年的研究经验,在提高太阳能电池的转换效率和模块技术创新上有很高的造诣,特别是在新型太阳能电池领域,做出了很多开拓性的工作。带领科研团队曾先后两次创造了染料敏化太阳能电池单片电池最高光电转换效率的世界纪录,在染料敏化太阳能电池领域,按发明者计算的专利申请件数被列为世界第一。在能源环境领域顶级期刊 Energy Environ. Sci.以及其它高水平期刊 Advanced Functional Materials、Applied Physics Letters、Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells等上发表SCI论文200余篇,SCI总引用超过4000次,其中单篇引用最高超过1100次。国际会议邀请报告100余次。

Abstract:Organo-lead trihalide perovskites (CH3NH3PbX3, X = I, Br or Cl) as light absorption materials have attracted great attention recently in photovoltaic research. By virtue of their high absorptivity and long carrier diffusion length, the power conversion efficiency (PCE) was rapidly increased from 3.8% to above 17% within the short five years. In this presentation, I will report some our latest researches in this field.
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